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Inspection & expediting

The term expediting means monitoring the progress of what is specified on a specific client purchase order.

This inspection activity aims to ensure that suppliers comply with the order requirements in terms of delivery timing, quality of the product and quantity supplied through the expediting action.

The activity means the presence of one of our qualified inspectors during the most critical phases and validates the supplier's production through dimensional and non-destructive tests like:

  • Dimensional Control
  • Ultrasonic thickness report
  • Testing witness report
  • Documental review

Italsabi QA QC inspectors are all qualified second and third level according to European (UNI EN ISO) and / or American (ASME) standards, operates on different production fields; from Oil & Gas, Energy, Chemical, carpentry, naval constructions.

Thanks to our third levels Italsabi can provide assistance in the drafting and validation of control procedures.